Formed by Rod Mancebo (vocals, guitar), Fernando Yokota (bass) and Christoph Czech (drums), The Nyxx mix influences from  so  many  different  styles  into  a  rich,  concret,  uniform  Rock Band.

Jazz and Brazilian music styles go just perfect with an overdriven guitar, precision and timing combined with crazy loud drums sounds incredibly great, just as well as rock driven bass lines make perfect sense in a fretless bass.

That's The Nyxx: Three musicians graduated as bachelors in classical music playing just the music that they like. No commitments but to the music itself.

And it's all about the music, doesn't matter if it is a country guided punk song, a bossa styled ballad mixed into a pop world or a metal crazy riff meeting jazz chords, it's everything just about the music from their hearts. Playing their hearts out. Having a voice of your own. Making art.